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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Beginning to a Change - Our Love Story - My Happy Ending

During the years off and on I went to Church. I went to many Churches. One always seemed to stick out the most to me. I made friends with members and tried to stay busy with the activities and the friends I had there. There was this guy amongst the few guys that went to that Church that every time I passed him he always seemed to make me have a huge smile on my face. I never knew at the time that he would be the guy that I would marry and be sealed to for all eternity! I also didn't know I would go through many years of so much craziness before I would find that out and make my way back to him. During those years we would see each other at the Church activities and dance together at the Church dances. We would talk on the phone as well. Off and on during those years we were both dating other people. I knew I like him and had a feeling he liked me but at that time it wasn't such a wise idea for us to be dating each other since there was an age gap. He graduated High School and then went off to serve a mission in Roseville, California. For those couple of years we wrote to each other off and on and sent pictures to each other. Living completely opposite lives at the time... He had came home from his Mission. I at the time was living in Gilmer, Tx. I was at my rock bottom stage at the time. I was busy that night working at La Finca, a small Mexican Restaurant waiting tables when he decided to give me a call. He had called an old friend that I use to live with and she gave him my Mom's number which he then called to ask for me and she called me and told me that he had called. I told her to give him my cell number. So that night I rushed home to give him a call once I was off work. Over the next few days we talked for hours and we talked about everything in those few days. I knew in my gut that I needed to move back home ASAP. There was nothing left for me in Gilmer and I had all I could take of being the way I was. It was so LONELY! No matter how many "people" I had in my life it was straight up LONELY! A few days after I moved back home Adam came to visit me all the way down from Fort Worth for only a couple hours before he had to drive back and go to class. We knew right then and there that we could never be separated again even though he lived almost 3 hours away at the time. We dated for about 6 months. Those 6 months were hard having him live so far away! It got harder and harder each time he visited to watch him leave. And then he proposed!!! The proposal was very surprising because I had for months thought he would have done it already and wasn't expecting it after waiting a couple of months already. We went to go get take out Chinese and took it to the Rose Garden for a picnic. I thought we were out on a normal date.. nothing super special. Oh how I was wrong! I was so confused because a lady was parked beside our car and sitting in her car reading a book. I was laying out the blanket while Adam was in his trunk "looking for something". I was wondering why she kept laughing and smiling at me. I guess she was looking in her mirror and watching what Adam was doing in the trunk. We sat down after walking around and looking at all the pretty flowers. Adam started talking to me about a conversation he had with someone he was suppose to seek guidance from and so the way he was talking made me think he was breaking up with me and so I became very emotional and didn't want to listen to him any longer and the more he kept talking I realized he was actually proposing to me. I was SOOO confused!!!  So our happy moment kinda turned sad and then went happy again. He then showed me the ring and finally spit it all out and I of course said YES!!! I should specify that all through our relationship there was people who kept trying to break us apart as you could say... they would tell Adam how I am not good enough for him and how he needed to find someone who was on the same path as him and that wanted the same goals he did. But they didn't really know me and wouldn't calm down long enough to get to know me. They didn't know us as a couple and what we wanted out of our life together. So we had these people constantly trying to ruin our happiness. We got married 4 months later. We didn't want a long engagement as we have been living apart long enough and just wanted to start our lives together! We both moved into an apartment in Fort Worth since he had a more stable job there and my job was only a temporary position. August 14, 2004 was the day we officially started our journey together!


  1. That was so fun to read your engagement story. You deserve every ounce of happiness. You are amazing!


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